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2005 WCRA Novice Workshops
Novice Event Dates
April 02
June 04
Aug 06
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Novice Workshop #1 – Maple Ridge April 2nd, 2005 Novice 1 Photos1
Novice Workshop #2 – Kamloops June 4th, 2005 Novice 2  
Novice Workshop #3 – Hope Aug. 6th, 2005 Postponed Prerun
WCRA Novice 3 postponed indefinitely - Details
The WCRA Novice Workshop #3 is an afternoon classroom session followed by a 2 day Time/Speed/Distance (TSD) Navigational Rally. The rally follows current BC Rally Regulations which can be found on the WCRA website at http://www.rallybc.com. The rally will be about 475km with an odometer check of about 24km and take place entirely in the lower mainland of BC. Roads will be about 60% gravel and 40% paved. Instructions will be provided in both km and miles, but the official distances and calculations are based on the km figure.
Supplementary Regulations take precidence over this page
What to do when you get there?
  Print out and bring a copy of the Supps & Course Material. It would be good to fill out your Entry Form too.
Please fill in and save a copy of this entry form. If you are using Acrobat Reader, you can download the CutePDF Writer utility to "print" form as a pdf (File>Print>select Printer Name “CutePDF Writer”). Email copy to dennis @ rallybc.com, then print and sign form and mail with cheque to WCRA, 2065 Alpine Court, Coquitlam, BC, V3J 2K7
Emailing the form gets you on the list and the cheque with form is a confirmed entry.
  Come on into the inn – bring your clip board and pens
  Find Shawn or Geoff – they will confirm/accept your registration and have you sign waivers and give you any additional course materials etc.
  Ask for Rally time and synchronize your stopwatch / digital watch to the second
  Find yourself a seat and order some breakfast/dinner.
  Introduce yourself around and meet some of the people
  We will begin the Novice introduction & in class instruction at 1:30pm
(dates and events, subject to change)
PLEASE NOTE: Novice Workshops are not a Championship series. You don't need to be a member of a club. The novice workshops are individual courses with the intent to build team skills and confidence. If you miss one of the workshops, the material from the previous events will be supplied and the instructors will be able to help you catch up on the material. In addition to the scheduled four workshops there will be a free briefing covering all basics in detail located at registration on each of the mainland Regional TSD events
Required Equipment:   Check sups for official requirements
· 1 reflective Warning triangle (30 cm) Clipboard,Pens, Paper 1 5BC or 10BC Fire extinguisher (B/C class)
· 1 Basic first aid kit Tow rope Motion sickness arrangements
· Stopwatch or Digital watch Map Light Calculator (both Solar & Battery recommended)
Supplementary Regulations
The “on-road” portion of this workshop will be conducted as a TSD rally and will follow the BC Rally Regulations which are available from Rally Pacific Motorsports.
The rally runs on straight forward instructions, and will be approximately 150km in length with roads a mixture of gravel and paved. Maximum distance between refueling will be 150kms. Each leg of the rally will end with a gas or rest stop, and is divided into Transit stages and Regularity stages.
Transit stages give a stage time, which is adequate for completing the stage well within posted speed limits. Your time will not be recorded in Transit stages.
Regularity stages list specific average speeds, which are below posted speed limits, and which you must maintain in each part of the stage. Timing controls will be in Regularity stages only, and will not be placed within 200 metres of stop signs or busy intersections. Procedure when approaching a control is simply to drive straight past without stopping. The control official will record your time. For double-checking the results, you may wish to note the time and mileage at each control but this is not required. Your timing in these stages determines your score. Timing is to the second, with one point per second early or late from absolute rally time. The lowest score wins. The maximum penalty at a control is 300 points (5 minutes) to a maximum of 600 points (10 minutes) in any one regularity section. Control officials will remain in place at least until all remaining cars are beyond 10 minutes late. Ties will be broken by the most zero scores, then the most 1 second penalties, etc.
Exceptions to scoring: a competitor coming upon an accident is required to stop and render aid if possible. In such cases, the competitor should record the time and mileage in the stage, and the times lost as a result and give a written declaration of this to a rally official. Unless it is determined that the incident did not occur as declared, the declaration will be accepted and the remainder of the leg scored as if delayed by the time lost. Hence, lost time must not be made up until the next end of the leg. Declarations of time lost will also be considered for organizers' errors, which make official time unattainable, and other discretionary safety concerns.
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